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Anti-Counterfeiting Technology

Consumers and governments’ world over, suffer from the negative effects of counterfeiting. To the government, counterfeits put the lives of citizens at risk as well as affect the net revenue collection thus denying the government, resources for provision of services to the citizens. In Africa, this problem is compounded by the lack of modern technology to combat counterfeiting.

Through our global partners, CHESS has identified and provided suitable and working solutions to government agencies addressing specific challenges. Through these solutions, the government agencies have managed to ensure product safety; consumer and brand protection; compliance to regulatory requirements; realize efficiency in service delivery; as well as improve their revenue collection.

Our anti-counterfeit products factor in the below key characteristics to provide a comprehensive and unique solution;

  • Product Marking
  • Product Traceability
  • Product Tracking
  • Product Accounting

Our Anti-counterfeit technologies can be broadly classified as follows:

  1. Overt, or visible features
  2. Covert, or hidden markers
  3. Serialisation/Track and Trace


Overt (Visible) Features

Our overt features are intended to enable end users to verify the authenticity of a pack. Such features are normally be prominently visible, and difficult or expensive to reproduce.

We achieve these through one or a combination of;

  • Holograms
  • Color shifting security inks and films
  • Security graphics
  • On-product Marking


Covert (Hidden) Features

These features are intended for identification of counterfeit products by our partners and us. These features require special equipment to detect and analyze and application of such features is controlled on a “need to know” basis.

We achieve these through one or a combination of;

  • Invisible Printing
  • Embedded Image
  • Digital Watermarks
  • Hidden Marks and Printing
  • Anti-copy or Anti-scan design
  • Laser Coding


Serialization/TRACK and TRACE Technologies

Our supported Track and trace solutions involve the assigning a unique identity to each stock unit during manufacture, which then remains with it through the supply chain until its consumption. This identity will normally include details of the product SKU, production line Manufacture date, and Volume – although in principle it may simply take the form of a unique pack coding which enables access to the same information held on a secure database.

These serve a number of distinct functions:

  • Tracking an item through the supply chain, to each point where there is the facility for data capture.
  • Providing traceability on the history of any item (electronic pedigree
  • Enable authentication of the data at any time, and by implication, of the pack or unit on which it is applied.
We enhance our track and trace solution through inclusion of unique and apparently random serialization, or non-sequential numbering at individual item level. Our solutions’ “random” serialization is done using a highly secure algorithm or method of encryption overcomes this.

Product Accounting

The most obvious benefits of our systems are in the supply logistics, where greater transparency of inventories and demand patterns can lead to efficiency improvements and cost reductions. Another benefit is the ability to identify a product through to the final consumer, enabling the elimination of errors and the ability to speedily recall defective product batches.

Additionally, the ability to tightly control and authenticate all product through the supply chain greatly reduces the possibilities for counterfeit, stolen or diverted product entering the distribution system and markets without being detected.

Our key areas of focus in anticounterfeit technology application;


Excise Goods Management System (EGMS)
Quality Marking

Teaming up with SICPA SA, CHESS has facilitated the implementation of SICPATRACE® as an effective EGMS for the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). SICPATRACE® is an Electronic Tax Stamps Management System (ETSMS) that can take the form of either paper-based secure labels or secure marks directly printed on the product packaging during the manufacturing operations. The system provides a nationwide secure track and trace platform that controls and monitors selected categories of products such as cigarettes, bottled and canned beer, bottled and canned soft drinks, bottled wine and spirits, bottled mineral water, music and films products.

We have successfully integrated this a full ECTS solution comprising of anti-counterfeit marking, Tack and Trace as well as product accounting to the following products ranges to enable the authentication of the items, either by industry investigators, or ideally, by the wider public;



Beer Beer production is largely meant for domestic or export market. We provide electronic tax stamp solution with inbuilt capability to enables proper identification of the products detail as well as correctly note the type of applied tax stamp for both markets.



cigarettes We provide a comprehensive track and trace solution for the Cigarette Industry. Manufactures and Importers dealing with electronic cigarettes and cartridges, cigars, chewing tobacco, sheesha, cigarillos as well as any tobacco substitute are provided with excise stamps to affix on their products.


Wines and Spirits

wines Through our global partners CHESS provide new generation excise stamps for wines and spirits that enable easy verification using smartphones to ascertain product authenticity and seal tax leakages.



pharmaceuticals Through our global partners have provided local pharmaceuticals with a track and trace capable tagging solutions to help in easy identification on the authenticity of each product sold.

MYDAWA is a new and innovative service that allows anyone buy wide range of high quality medication and wellness products affordably and conveniently from your mobile phone. CHESS through her global partner have provided the Kenyan E-health platform a track and trace Electronic Tags solution for easy identification of sold products.


Quality Marking

CHESS is teaming up with SICPA SA for the provision of quality marking services to enable government agencies demonstrate that products, services and processes meet certain safety, quality or environmental requirements.

Quality Marking
Quality Marking

We have successfully integrated this anti-counterfeit technologies to the following products ranges to enable the authentication of the items, either by industry investigators, or ideally, by the wider public;


Technical Solutions in the field of ICT

The ICT sector is considered the most vibrant sector in the world. As a result, there are frequent changes in products and services arising from creative and innovative ideas generated by ICT companies. For the consumer industries in the public sector, it is always a challenge choosing an ICT Solution for their businesses. This is where we come in. Through our experts and global partners, we are able to develop turnkey ICT solutions specific to stated requirements.

Some of the ICT solutions that we provide include;

  • Design, and deployment of Network Storage Solution.
  • Digitization of document processes
  • Design and deployment of Data Center solutions
  • Paperless trade service